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Altitudes of Ski Race Sites

These are some approximate altitudes for some of the race sites across Canada. If you have a site you would like to add then please send it. If you have a more accurate altitude then let us know.

  • Sovereign Lake :: 1600m/5300ft
  • Canmore :: 1397m/4583ft
  • Collingwood :: 181m/596ft
  • Barrie :: 299m/982ft
  • La Ronge :: 379m/1243ft
  • Gatineau/Ottawa :: 335m
  • Callaghan Valley (Whistler Olympic Park) :: 880m
  • Big Thunder :: 500m
  • Valcartier :: 168m

If you have a waxing tip please share it with us. We are always happy to receive waxing tips to help improve everyone's skis.

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