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Ski*go Carbon Roller Skis

Roller skis are a very useful tool for your off-season training. Simulating the ski-like feel can help you not only maintain techniques up to the start of the season you can also improve your techniques: Double poling, diagonal stride, kick-double-pole, etc.

Ski*go's carbon contructed frames have a flex to them that is very close to the camber flex of a winter ski. This helps you not only get the on-snow like feel, but helps zero in on better technique. An amazing additional benefit is reduced fatigue from road vibrations.

Once your try Ski*go's carbon roller skis you really won't want to go back to another brand of roller ski.

You can watch a video available now for the Skigo Classic 780 roller skis. A video for the skate roller skis is also available for the Skigo Carbon 335 Skate.

Ski*go XC Carbon Classic Roller Skis

These are state-of-art in classic roller skis. Once you try them you won't want to go back to anything else! The carbon fiber shaft significantly reduces road vibrations resulting in a more comfortable roller ski. The shaft also has a camber to mimic snow skis giving a more realistic feel to your training. The shaft is also longer than most classic roller skis to further provide a more snow-like feel and a smoother road ride. The 43.5mm wide wheel provide a good platform for long balanced glides. The wheels are set for "training" so you have reasonable speed control on the downhills and good strength training. Comes with fenders on the front and rear wheels. All Solomon and NNN bindings can be mounted to the shaft easily because, just like a winter ski, there is a plate for the binding to attach securely. Weight is just under 1kg per ski (similar to high-end winter skis). C-C length is 78cm.

Starting in 2012 the XC Carbon is available in two versions: Hard and Soft. The XC Carbon Hard is for skiers greater than 75kg/165lbs while the XC Carbon Soft is for skiers less then 75kg/165lbs. These two versions provide the enhanced skiing you need to improve your summer training. This is similar to camber/flex selection with a winter ski. XC Carbon Soft is ideal for junior and lighter skiers while XC Carbon Hard is for senior and heavier skiers.

Skigo XC Carbon Classic Roller Ski
Skigo XC Carbon Classic Roller Ski

Ski*go NS Carbon Skate Roller Skis

A carbon fiber shaft roller ski ideal for training. The carbon fiber shaft significantly reduces skier fatigue by dampening road vibrations. The large diameter wheels provide a realistic "edging" during skating while the tires provide excellent grip. Tires are 24mm wide with a diameter of 100mm on a 70mm rim with sealed bearings. The skis are 61cm wheel center to wheel center (C-C). The shaft is 40mm wide and 20mm thick at the middle tapering to 18mm at the ends. The shaft has a slight camber. Weight is at 880g for 2012 with fenders & before bindings. Like the XC Carbon Classic there is a top plate in the shaft for bindings to mount. The carbon material and the camber help provide a smoother road ride.

Skigo NS Carbon Skate Roller Ski
Skigo NS Carbon Skate Roller Ski

Ski*go P5 (7001) Classic Roller Ski

New for 2012 the aluminum shaft P5 (7001) Classic features the same 78cm C-C length and same wheels as the XC Carbon Classic. The P5 features specially selected, top-grade aluminium for the shaft that provides strength as well as some camber flex. Comes with fenders.

Skigo P5 7001 Classic Roller Ski Aluminium
Skigo P5 7001 Classic Roller Ski

Ski*go Ferrules: PRO & Standard

You need ferrules (roller tips) while roller skiing for improved road grip and durability. Winter snow baskets are for the snow, not the hard road. Ski*go ferrules are available in Standard Ferrules at 8mm and 10mm while the PRO Ferrules are available in size 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm and 11mm. The PRO Ferrules feature a carbon body for strength and durability, and a wider carbide tip for improved grip and durability.

Skigo PRO Carbon Ferrules Skigo Standard Ferrules
Skigo PRO Ferrules Skigo Standard Ferrules

Don't forget the Skigo Roller ski pole: this pole is specially designed for durability with the harshness of road impact while increasing skier safety with the high visability shaft. Also available the Skigo Roller Ski Bag and the Skigo PRO Carbon Ferrules (roller tips).
Skigo Roller Ski Pole

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