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Race Reports

Below are reports for some of the races in Canada. For World Cup races and races in Europe please refer to the Race Reports at The Vallatester (Skigo Sweden).

Many times the recommendation matches exactly to the Race Waxing Table. That's a good thing because it validates the table as a good guide for all skiers. We do test a wide range of underlayers and top coats and kick waxes to be sure what is the best.

Reports 2010/11 Season

    RaceEvent WaxesSnowTemps °CNotes
    NorAm #1Training DayGlide: Green HF + C105
    Grip: HF Violet
    aged snowTemp: -4° to -2°C, RH: 75-95%Many underlayers running very close in tests. Lots of sublimation in the snow. This altitude (lower pressure) fools with RH readings. C44 fluid close in tests best C105 powder (or solid) still better. Tested C22 solid over C105 which ran slightly better when the sun was out raising snow pack humidity, but no effect when cloudy.
    NorAm #1Day #1 (classic sprints)Glide: Green HF + C105 powder (+ C22 solid topper when sun out)
    Grip: HF Violet (3 layers long)
    aged with light dew snowTemp: -5.5°C, RH: 90%Snow base thinner than last year and aged. Need to wax kick long (forward) for grip because the vertical strength of the snow pack is weak. Kick alternates used by some teams were HF Blue and HF Red covered by HF Blue for Juv skiers.
    NorAm #1Day #2 (Distance)Glide: Orange HF + C105 powder + C105 solid
    Grip: N/A
    new snowTemp: -4°..-3°C, RH: 85%New snow for 20-30cm overnight. Trail very soft. Wind 15km. Snow small and almost fine, but C105 still better than C55/99 fluid. Orange HF the recommended underlayer but Blue HF close enough that it is an excellent choice once C105 on top.
    Ontario Cup #1, 2010Training DayGlide: Blue HF + C105 powder or solid
    Grip: N/A
    new snowTemp: -4° to -2°C, RH: 85%A lot of new snow (double to triple Sov. Lk.). Prep bases with Skigo Graphite LF to harden the base for new snow (all days, it will help more than Graphite XC).
    Ontario Cup #1, 2010Day 1Glide: Blue HF + C105 powder or solid
    Grip: N/A
    new snowTemp: -6° to -3°C, RH: 85%Snow was drier than the air giving keeping broken crystal very sharp because the new snow pack is drawning moisture down.
    Ontario Cup #1, 2010Day 2Glide: Blue HF mixed with Green HF (3:1) + C105 powder or solid
    Grip: N/A
    new snowTemp: -7° to -3°C, RH: 85%Snow was drier than the air giving keeping broken crystal very sharp.
    NorAm #3Day Training #1Glide: testing
    Grip: HF Blue or HF Violet
    mixedTemp: -11°C, RH: 82%Lots of teams getting ready. Exciting races about to being for U23 and Jr Nat'l team sleections along with CWG selections.
    NorAm #3Day 1 (pursuit)Glide: HF Green + C380
    Grip: HF Violet
    1cm new snow groomed inTemp: -16°C, RH: 50%Air @ 7:00 -18° but snow -16°. Snow to -15° by 11:00. Track hard/firm set with some loose between tracks. HF Violet kick recommended to deal with any loose snow when changing tracks. HF Blue kick very close but HF Violet has a bit more glide/freeness. Alternate kick choices: HF Blue or HF Red covered by HF Blue (younger skiers).
    NorAm #3 / OCup #2Training DayGlide: LF Graphite + C75 + C105 powder
    Grip: testing
    FreshTemp: -13°C, RH: 75%Warmer than yesterday and windy as the day progressed. Making the ski base very hard showed noticable glide improvements.
    NorAm #3 / OCup #2Day 2 (Sprints)Glide: LF Graphite + C75 early; add 105 solid later
    Grip: HF Blue cover with HF Violet
    Mixed/newishTemp: -19°C, RH: 65%-19° snow at 6:30 to 10:30. C105 solid top later heats. Track very firm for classic. Alternate kick HF Blue alone. Alternate glide C380 instead of C75.
    NorAm #3 / OCup #2Day 3 (distance skate)Glide: LF Graphite + C380 (or C75) + C105 powder
    Grip: N/A
    AgedTemp: -17°C, RH: 85%Overnight/morning not as cold as predicted. Humidity rose as start of race approached. The very hard base theme continued. Race delayed to 11 start at 15sec intervals. Day warmed up nicely. Post comments: one coach noticed flat skis testing different then edged skis (uphills) showing hard base important because of older/harder snow under the surface.
    NorAm #4Day 1Glide: Orange/Green HF (1:1) + C22 fluid
    Grip: HF Red (2) + Hf Blue (2 layers)
    aged, thin and tilledTemp: -1°C, RH: very high%Early morning testing had C44 powder best, but prologue started at 14h. The very high humidity let C22 be the best at it's colder end.
    NorAm #4 / QCup #2Day 2Glide: Orange/Green HF (1:1) + C22 fluid
    Grip: HF Violet (feathered thick)
    old snow with some light snow fallingTemp: -4°C at 9:15, -2°C at 10:30, RH: 92%+The extreme humidity in the air and the snow allowed C22 fluid to work colder than the suggested range earlier than expected (-4°). Of course as it warmed C22 kept working. As an interesting note: very early testing at -7°/95% still had C22 fluid as the leader. The Orange/Green HF underlayer worked better than just Green HF alone. HF Violet was the best for grip and glide without any question -- adding more HF Violet if you needed more grip did not harm the glide. For skiers starting later (12:00) the kickwax shifted to HF Red.
    NorAm #4/ QCup #2Day 3Glide: Green HF + C105
    Grip: N/A
    Old and coldTemp: -10°C at 10:00, -4.5°C at 11:30, RH: 80%+Overnight low was much colder than forecast with a thin snowbase meant the temperature went deep into the snowbase. But the day warmed up to a warmer temperature than forecast too. Testing between C105 fluid and C105 powder gave results very much the same, so use whichever you have.
    NorAm #5 (Western Canadian Championships)Day 1Glide: Yellow/C242 HF + C22 fluid
    Grip: N/A
    Slightly agedTemp: +5°C high, RH: 75%C22 powder was a good second choice particularly as the day warmed, but C22 fluid still lead.
    NorAm #5 (Westerns)Day 2Glide: Graphite LF + Orange/Blue HF (3:1) + C44/7 fluid
    Grip: HF Yellow + thin HF Violet cover; later HF Red cover as it warmed.
    Aging, but keeping structure quite wellTemp: +5°C, RH: 80%The HF Yellow kickwax with HF Red over gave a wonderful combination of grip and super glide. Snow and warm days in BC love C44/7 fluid (aka C107 tester at CV WC in 2009).
    NorAm #5 (Westerns)Day 3Glide:Graphite LF +Orange/Yellow HF (mixed) + C105 powder
    Grip: N/A
    New snow fallingTemp: -1..-4°C, RH: 60%New snow falling during the race with a total of 10cm by the end of the race.
    NorAm #6 (Eastern Canadians Championships)Day 1Glide: Green/Orange HF (1:1) + C105 fluid
    Grip: N/A
    Aged snowTemp: -10°C, RH: XXXX%Early in the morning C380 was running best at -14°C. As it warmed up to race time C105f moved up the test list progressively. C380 remained a good choice (#2) for teams watching their budget with younger skiers.
    NorAm #6 (Easterns)Day 2Glide: Quals Blue HF + C105 powder; Heats Orange HF + CM10 (alt C22 powder)
    Grip: N/A
    aged snow with new snow fallingTemp: -1°C during heats, RH: 80%Temperatures warmed up from the qualifiers to the heats significantly. C105 powder was still running well for the heats, but CM10 and C22 powder were both better. CM10 and C22 powder were close in the test results, but CM10 edged ahead. Relative humidity was normal in the morning but changed to high to very high by the heats.
    NorAm #6 (Easterns)Day 3Glide: HF Green + C105 fluid
    Grip: Thin XC Violet klister ironed as a base binder then HF Red + HF Blue cover
    Aged and agressiveTemp: -5°C, RH: 85%While a significant amount of new snow had fallen Saturday the groomer tilled the top 8-10cm a lot to set a hard classic track causing the snow to be very aged and agressive. This allowed HF Red to move below the labeled temperature again. The HF Blue cover was for a small amount of fresh snow falling and for folks wanting a bit more glide. Early morning temp was -12°C (air) but most racing was -8° to -5°. C380 came tops at the -12° with C105f close. The C105f was best during the races. Several racers reported back about outgliding others on the downhills (mass start for non-Open events). Note: Green HF chosen as the underlayer in the morning because of the cold overnight and agressive snow; An alternative would be Violet HF with races happening later.
    Ontario Cup #4Day 1Glide: Green LF + C44/7 fluid
    Grip: HF Blue
    Old to icy in trackTemp: -9°C, RH: 60%HF Blue kickwax could be covered with HF Violet if more glide was wanted (and some teams did this). If more last minute grip was needed HF Red could be applied in the short pocket (no icing worries; see Day 2 notes).
    Ontario Cup #4Day 2Glide: Green LF + C380
    Grip: N/A
    Old snow with new dusting during raceTemp: -9°C, RH: 70%The groomer dug mixing in the small amount of new snow with old snow. If the pattern followed the previous day then C44/7 fluid would move into the top spot. A bit of light snowfall over the track with a higher humidity did appear allowing C44/7 fluid and C105 to both be good choices late in the morning. But for the early races it was C380.For experimental purposes we tried (on this non-classic day) HF Red at -14 versus HF Blue and HF Violet. While HF Blue was the choice, HF Red did not ice or clump snow at all -- it was a big slow for glide, but the testing showed it as a safe choice for last minute extra grip.

Reports 2009/10 Season

Some reports from last season for your comparison.

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    RaceEventWaxesSnowTemps °CNotes
    Canada Cup #1, Sovereign LakeTraining DayGlide: Green HF + C380 (top)
    Grip: N/A
    fine with plates, some new snow but well groomedTemp: -10°C, RH: 65% (@0930h to 1300h)RH early in the morning, 0700h, was at 40% indicating early on that C380 would be a good choice.
    Canada Cup #1, Sovereign LakeTraining DayGlide: Green HF + C75 (top)
    Grip: N/A
    fine with plates, some new snow but well groomedTemp: -7°C, RH: 70% (@1300h to 1600h)The rising RH is what moved C75 ahead of C380 at this time.
    Canada Cup #1, Sovereign LakeDay 1 (early)Glide: Green HF + C55/99 fluid (top)
    Grip: N/A
    fine with plates, some new snow but well groomedTemp: -8.5°C, RH: 86% (@0930h)Early in the morning, 0815h, C75 and C380 at RH 75% where running even for #1. Rising temp and humidity and snow type finally lead to C55/99 fluid.
    Canada Cup #1, Sovereign LakeDay 1 (later)Glide: Green HF + C44 powder (top)
    Grip: N/A
    fine with plates, well groomed and well skiedTemp: -6°C, RH: 85% (@1300h) 
    Canada Cup #1, Sovereign LakeDay 2 (trials)Glide: Green HF + C55/99 fluid (top) (alt: C105 powder or solid)
    Grip: N/A
    fine with plates, some new snow falling during trials, windyTemp: -10°C, RH: 68% (@0900h)2cm of snow overnight but well groomed in. Total accumulation was 1/2cm over 2h.
    Canada Cup #1, Sovereign LakeDay 2 (heats)Glide: Green HF + C105 powder or solid (top)
    Grip: N/A
    fine with plates (new snow well skied in)Temp: -12°C, RH: 63%C105 solid top showed significant improvement for speed as evidensed by who made it to the A-final.
    Canada Cup #3, ValcartierTraining Day 1Glide: Blue HF + C105 powder
    Grip: HF Blue, or HF Blue covered with HF Violet
    new snow (significant)Temp: -6°CThere had been rain forming a crust over aged snow earlier in the week which had been well-groomed in before the 10cm of new snow on Friday.
    Canada Cup #3, ValcartierDay 1 (early)Glide: Blue HF + C44 fluid
    Grip: HF Blue
    new snow (well groomed)Temp: -8°C, RH: 76%Some covered the HF Blue kick with HF Violet; one report of HF Violet kick on very thick. Very early (0700h @-10°C) C105 was #1, but C44 fluid became #1 as the temperature rose.
    Canada Cup #3, ValcartierDay 1 (later)Glide: Blue HF + C44 fluid
    Grip: HF Red covered by HF Blue
    new snow (groomed & well skied)Temp: -3°CHF Red kickwax was used by some teams straight at this point
    Canada Cup #3, ValcartierDay 1 (post; @1600h)Glide: HF Yellow
    Grip: N/A
    new snowTemp: -2°C. RH: 83%This was testing for next day with some small flake snow falling.
    Canada Cup #3, ValcartierDay 2 (Trials)Glide: Yellow HF + C44 fluid & C105 solid top
    Grip: N/A
    New snow (4 cm overnight)Temp: +2.5°C, RH: 95%Recommended W75 Speedy Rill for structure. Small amount of snow falling during parts of the trials.
    Canada Cup #3, ValcartierDay 2 (heats)Glide: Yellow HF + C44 powder
    Grip: N/A
    new snow well skied and agingTemp: +3°C, RH: 91%No snow falling during heats.
    Canada Cup #3, ValcartierTraining Day 2Glide: Yellow/Red HF (mix 2:1) + C44 powder
    Grip: HF Yellow (thick) covered by HF Blue
    aged snowTemp: -5° to -1°CAir temperature rose to +6°C by the end of the day. The HF Yellow with HF Blue cover worked excellently over this entire time (0800h-1400h). Other kickwaxes worked too but had to keep changing as the temperature went up and this mix just kept on working.
    Canada Cup #3, ValcartierDay 3Glide: Red HF + C44 fluid
    Grip: HF Red with thin HF Violet cover
    aged snowTemp: -3°C, RH: 86%Significantl;y colder than the training day. Hard track with 1cm of fine new snow. Overnight low of -5°C (air). Reports of teams using HF Blue straight also. Overall CC#3 note: C22 fluid very close on many of the tests over the 5 days.
    Ontario Winter Games, Huntsville ONTraining DayGlide: HF Yellow + C22 solid (alt C44 fluid earlier)
    Grip: HF Violet Klister
    Old snowTemp: -0.5°C, RH: 75%Recommended XC Base or XC Blue Klister ironed as kick binder
    Ontario Winter Games, Huntsville ONDay 1Glide: Graphite LF then Orange/Violet HF (1:1) + C22 solid
    Grip: N/A
    Old snowTemp: 0°C, RH: 85%The Graphite LF glider made a big difference for keeping the skis clean and for improving glide
    Ontario Winter Games, Huntsville ONDay 2Glide: Graphite LF then Orange/Violet HF (1:2) + C44 fluid
    Grip: HF Violet klister (short) cover with HF Blue or HF Violet
    Old snowTemp: -2°C, RH: 90%Kick wax alternates: HF Red (older) over whole pocket or HF Blue over whole pocket. HF Violet klister short recommended #1 for course profile.
    Eastern Canadians, GatineauDay 1 (morning)Glide: HF Green + C380
    Grip: N/A
    Old snow. Temperatures started very cold (-26°C @ 0700h) Temp: -16°C @ 1000h, RH: high%Very cold overnight temperature kept the snow very cold throughout the course and day. C380 durability extremely good versus others (C380 still on the skis at the end of the races) in snow that was also abrasive.
    Eatern Canadians, GatineauDay 2 (morning)Glide: LF Violet + P16 (alt: LF Violet)
    Grip: thin binder of Skigo Violet Klister then HF Red (alt add HF Blue cover)
    Very old, coarse snow. Temp: -11°C @ 0900h, RH: high%Temperature more moderate overnight, but thin snow after cold, skiing and grooming very coarse. These conditions allowed HF Red kickwax to work well below labeled range at race start (0900) and continue working (grip & glide) through until the end of races at -2°C. LF Violet + P16 was superb, but LF Violet by itself for glide bested most other possibilities.
    Gatineau LoppetDay 1 (morning)Glide: HF Red + C44 fluid
    Grip: HF Red over thin violet klister ironed
    Old snow with a little bit of new snowTemp: -3° to 0°C, RH: 93%The thin violet klister base binder was for durability because of the underlying hard ice. HF Red kickwax was outstanding for the 49km for fast skiers and slower skiers (4h times) because HF Red worked over this entire time and at all altitudes when most other waxes worked only in the lower parts.
    Gatineau LoppetDay 1 (afternoon)Glide: HF Orange
    Grip: HF Red or XC Orange
    Old snowTemp: +1°C, RH: 95+%The afternoon short races were a lot warmer.
    Gatineau LoppetDay 2Glide: HF Orange/Green (1:1) + C44 fluid
    Grip: HF Red (2 layers) cover with HF Blue (2 layers)
    Old snow plus some light falling snowTemp: -5° to -3°C, RH: 75%The kick recommendation is for skiers choosing not to skate.
    OFSAA 2010Day TrainingGlide: HF/LF Yellow
    Grip: N/A
    Old snow with small amt of new snowTemp: 0°C, RH: 80%This is a forecast for the training day.