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Welcome to the new products page! New items are listed here with brief details. Full details and photos are in the product sections. If you have any questions please send us e-mail.

NEW for Summer 2012!

  1. 2012 NS Carbon Skate Roller Ski
  2. The NS Carbon is updated with a new outer carbon sock doubling the load strength of these skis without adding more weight. The shaft has a special coating to make it easier to carry the skis and fenders have been added. The overall weight continues at a light 800g/ski making it perfect for junior and senior skiers.

  3. 2012 XC Carbon Classic Roller Ski
  4. The vibration dampening and smoothness of these roller skis make them a must for you to have. The carbon fiber shaft is cambered for a winter ski feel so your off-snow training is now ever so close to on-snow training. The cam wheel has been enhanced for even faster response. Special coating has been added to the shaft to make it easier to carry the ski. The XC Carbon is available in two models starting in 2012: Soft and Hard. These models match a skier's weight to improve the response and feel. Soft is for skiers <75kg while Hard is for skiers >75kg.

  5. Skigo Roller Ski Bag
  6. The perfect bag to help you transport your roller skis. This snazzy bag can carry two pairs of Skigo XC classic or NS skate roller skis. With a large shoulder strap you'll be relaxed carrying you roller skis to your summer course.

  7. Skigo PRO Carbon Ferrules (Roller Tips)
  8. New for 2012 are the Skigo PRO Ferrules available in sizes 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 mm. These ferrules feature a larger carbide tip for better road contact and to help keep a edge longer. The body is carbon strengthened for the summer heat and hard impact with the road. These are extremely durable.

  9. More to come
  10. Once the snow is closer to being on the ground we will add more information about about new winter products and updates to existing products.

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