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Swedish for Fast Skiing
Suèdoise pour le Fast Ski

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Ex-Elit Skis for Young Children (Kids)

Skiing is an enjoyable family activity that the youngest members of your home want to participate in. The Ex-Elit Children Skis come in several lengths (90cm-130cm) with a waxless grip zone. To make it easier the binding system works with the child's regular winter boot. So no special ski boot is required. This makes it easier to fit and keep feet warm.

Each ski kits comes in its own ski bag with carry strap so it's easier for you or the child to transport and carry the skis. In each ski bag are the waxless skis, a pair of youth fiberglass poles with full basket, safety tip and loop strap. Winter boots secure to the ski with two straps on the binding. The binding is flexible to allow free movement of the foot and directional control.

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Children Ski Package with skis, poles and ski bag.

Poles with full baskets and safety tips.

Snow boot binding.

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