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Coaches Resources Page

Information Contacts

To contact Ski*go:

  • e-mail: info At (replace "At" with "@").
  • Telephone: (519) 404-1742.
We welcome all enquires and we will reply to you as soon as possible. This includes waxing preparation and selection.

If you would like a glossy printed copy of the current catalogue please contact us. We send out catalogues regularly to coaches across the country. But there are always coaching and team staffing changes. So drop an e-mail to us on behalf of your team so we can stay up to date. You may also read the on-line, PDF Ski*go 2010/11 Catalogue.

Retail Outlets

Interested in purchasing Skigo products? Let us know where you are and we'll let you know. We are in contact with retailers regularly. If you would like your favorite ski shop to carry Ski*go then please let us know and suggest to the shop manager stocking Ski*go. Your asking carries weight with your retailer. We are happy to fulfill special orders for you through your retailer of choice. Team orders through retailers have additional discounts.
A list of most of the current retailers is on our Links Page.

Official Supplier

Ski*go is an Official Supplier to these and many other teams. Before becoming an Official Supplier/Sponsor to these teams each team has performed evaluations on Ski*go products. All of these teams regularly use Ski*go products during racing, training and testing. Join the teams using Ski*go!

  • Biathlon Canada
  • Cross Country Canada
  • Nordic Combined Canada
  • Swedish Cross Country Ski & Biathlon Teams
  • Norwegian Ski Teams
  • Finnish Biathlon Team
  • Finnish Cross Country Ski Team
  • Russian Ski Federation
  • and many more...

Technical Sheets

We have several technical sheets that provide additional information about Ski*go waxes. If you have more questions please let us know my e-mail or telephone. If there is a Tech Page you would like created let us know!

Waxing Tables

These are on-line copies of the Racing Wax Tables found in the catalog:

For recreational club members we also have:

Athlete Sponsorships & Support

Ski*go does provide sponsorship and support for selected individual athletes for our ski poles, gloves, roller skis, etc. The selection is based on submitted athletic resumes. Resumes can be sent to Ski*go with a brief cover letter. Resumes should be detailed and include at the least the following information:

  • athlete name & contact information,
  • coaches (current and past),
  • race results (where, when, position) for the past several years,
  • training accomplished and planned,
  • training and result goals,
  • short-term and long-term goals,
  • non-skiing accomplishments (athletic and non-athletic),
  • parent/guardian contact if under 18 years of age.

Ski*go Service Techs

Ski*go Service Techs attend different cross country skiing events across the country to promote Ski*go waxes, ski poles and other products. The Service Techs provide waxing recommendations for coaches, wax techs and skiers at the events. They also provide people with the opportunity to try and test Ski*go waxes, poles and equipment. The Ski*go Service Techs are able to help Ski*go sponsored skiers with their equipment.

If you are interested in becoming a Ski*go Service Tech please contact us by e-mail and let us know of your interest. Applicants do need to know how to ski both skate and classic skiing techniques; your own vehicle is also needed for transportation. Recruits will receive training before the season begins as well as a full kit of all of the Ski*go products needed as a Service Tech. In exchange for a few days of attending races or loppets recruits may use the kit throughout the season. Additional opportunities may present themselves during a season that you may be interested in.

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